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Home alone…. Again. 😒

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So, it’s the second day of school and my youngens are gone. If you ask me,  they left way too fast today! It was like they couldn’t get out of here fast enough! But I’m OK…😢 So now, it’s just me and Dutchess. That would be my husband’s dog. Of course she’s all of ours, but, I say it’s his dog because when we rescued her from the animal shelter, he specifically said, ” This one is MY dog! You’ve all had yours, this one’s mine.” So, I will write my post and then I will walk and feed his dog.  🐕 Lol. She quite beautiful, this Dutchess of Lee. She was 3 months old when we adopted her from the Humane Society.

Dutchess@4months Isn't she adorable? 😍
Isn’t she adorable? 😍

While her cuteness tops the charts, her behavior leaves much to be desired. She is just as rambunctious as the kids, if not more so due to the whole, “being an animal” and what not. She’s still a puppy tho, only 7 months now, but she is Huge! At her last vet appointment(yesterday), she weighed in at 41lbs! That’s only 8lbs lighter than my 5 year old!  She of course, does not understand how big she is. She just runs, jumps, slides and zips through this apartment like she’s still that tiny little puppy in the above photo.👆 Also, because she’s still a puppy, she chews on any and everything she gets her paws on. I have lost a beautiful pair of sandals to this teething puppy. 🙅 Needless to say, she’s making up for my 4 other kids being gone in her own special way. Thanks Dutchess! 👍


Time 🕥 Who’s side are you on? 😕

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I guess the old saying is true. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. All summer, while at home with the kids,  time just whizzed by. It never failed. At the Jacksonville Beach, at CiCi’s Pizza, at Jax Bowl, or even at home making lemon-lime gummy bear popsicles, anytime we were having a blast, time a always ran out much too quickly! Now, that my rugrats are gone and I have to clean up, do laundry, and tend to the Dutchess, I seem to have sooooo much time!! It’s moving like it’s stuck in molasses!  Oh, but look, now that I’m taking a minute to write this, somehow time has sped up. Priceless. 😛

New Beginnings……Yay or Nay? Maybe Both?

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This is MY new beginning!
This is MY new beginning!

Today was a full of new beginnings.  It’s kind of bittersweet for me.  As a mother of four, I’m constantly having issues with my babies growing up way too fast.  For example, today, my youngest daughter, Cake, started kindergarten, and yes, I cried. Even though we moms may joke about finally having the house to ourselves, to read, watch our soap operas, and maintaining a clean house, once they leave, we can’t stand it.  Eventually, we do get over it and start our own routines, but we miss them. Sniff, sniff.  I’m okay. Now, where was I? Ah Yes, my babies leaving. So then, my oldest daughter, Bean, started her first year of middle school today.  She was both excited and terribly nervous and so was I. This is an entirely new chapter for her, for the both of us.  But, I did my best to prepare her for the challenges that await her and the rest, I’m leaving to God.  I also have two precious boys. My younger son, Duece, started 3rd grade today. Small tear.  So, now it’s him and the baby girl, Cake, at the elementary school together.  He has bravely stepped into his new role as THE big brother.   Now, he has to watch out for her as they ride that big yellow bus home together. Just like Bean had to do for him last year.  And boy, is he taking his responsibilities seriously! This entire past week leading up to the first day of school it’s been, “Mom, would you tell her she has to listen to me?”, or “Mom, she said that I’m not the boss of her!”.  Great times. Last but definitely not least, is my oldest baby,  Punkin. Yes, Punkin! Not Pumpkin! He is in his second year of middle school, so today wasn’t as difficult for him. Which only served to have me tearing up even more.  He wants to leave me.  He’s only 12, but already he’s starting to tower over me.  He’s planning on trying out for football this school year,  and his dad has even started allowing him to earn money for himself by helping out with extra things around the house. It’s all just too much, too fast! And that is exactly the reason we can’t hold on to them.  Time is moving really fast.  Pretty soon we’ll be dropping them off at college. I’m just going to take a nap(look at baby pictures) before they come home so that I’ll be well rested(done crying)and ready to hear about each of their days. I ‘m okay though. 😥

I’m officially a blogger!! Yay!

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I finally feel like I can breathe. The fog is lifting.  I’ve needed an outlet for quite a while now….and now I have it! I must write!! There’s no way around that fact.  It’s critical to my well-being and the well-being of others around me. I know this because I’ve tried not writing and…..well, just trust me, it’s better for everyone if I have this blog. But, it’s much more than that.  I want what I write to be used as lessons to our young girls coming up in this generation and also to offer a voice to all the woman who have ever felt unheard.  My stories will show you that you’re not alone and that no one is perfect. NO one!! So ladies, (and gentlemen as well) if you can bear with me as I live my life and make time to share the ups and downs of Life According to Lanie, I think this will be a win for us all!! So, buckle up, this may get a bit rocky at times! Who knows what I’ll say next!? 🙂

The Fog Is About to LIft
The Fog Is About to Lift

Hello World!!!

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OMG!! I’ve started a blog! This is going to be epic!! I think…..  😉