Month: February 2016

Slowing Making My Way Back! <3

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Boy! Life can really be a doozy.  These past 3+ months have been seriously hectic, but I’m crawling my way out of this slump.  My hubby’s  mandatory 3 month recovery period was technically up…..9 days ago.  So now, we just have extensive x-rays and other examinations coming up that will hopefully give us some good news. Fingers crossed that he’ll walk again.

On another note, I’ve recently begun volunteering with our after-school, homework help program on Mondays. It has proven to be very therapeutic. Not only does it get me out of the house and away from  my crazy routine, but it also gives my two little ones(5 and 8) a chance to study with other kids from their school in a different and safe environment. So far so good.

I’ have definitely had a few rough patches here lately……I’m not going there. I will just say that I’m feeling much better about life in general. I just had to realize that my feelings were natural and warranted considering all I had been through. I had to be okay with myself first, before anything else going on would be okay.

Lesson learned.