Month: January 2016


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Yes, hiding. I’m hiding in the bathroom. Not from a specific person or thing, just from life. I haven’t written a thing since my last post. I already felt weak and powerless feeling with everything around me, and this just adds insult to injury. My hubby still can’t walk or really do anything for that matter. He’s been really kinda mean if I’m being honest. But… I expected that. You take a man, that’s used to hard work, riding, driving, living, and showering and take his leg and there’s bound to be some contention. I am an introvert tho, so this has been an exceptionally hard time for me and I fear no one truly understands but another introvert. Add to that, I’ve been kinda depressed lately. Something I will only admit to you, my followers. (I promise to mention it at my next Dr’s visit.) It had started before the accident, but that event shifted it into high gear. It’s been really bad. I’ll just leave it at that for now. But it does feel good to write. So maybe I’m on the mend after all. Thanks for listening!



Lanie 💋