I’m No Daddy’s Girl

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Dear dad,

Thank you.

Thank you for showing me,

Exactly how not to be.

Thanks for the example,

Of a never present force.

Thanks for being my first lesson,

In crying till I go hoarse.

Thank you,

For never being by my side,

For pushing me into the arms

Of men that made me cry.

I want to thank you,

For leaving my mom in a lurch.

For making her raise me all alone

While you sang for the church.

Thank you.

For leaving her to find a man,

who she loved more than me

Thank you? I don’t think I can.

You left.

You took one look at me

And I took your breath.

You ran into the arms of another,

That was beginning of my death.

That was my end,

You didn’t even look back.

We’re 5 months apart

How do you think I feel about that?

I’m the outcast,

I’m the first,

The secret.

If all you have is pity love,

Don’t bother,

You can keep it.


I deserve a dad,

Every kids does.

I know it.

You said you loved me,

But guess what?

Show it.

My kids see this,

Your only Grand-kids,

Now they know.

How it feels

When someone says

They love you

And then just like that, they’re gone.

Thanks dad,

Your record, is impeccable!

You walk around your fancy church

With your new family

All respectable.

If only they knew.

Your wife would probably flip.

For the whole church to know about that one time that you slipped.