Warning!! Mushy Stuff Ahead! 😍

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Having lived on this Earth for nearly 40 years, I’ve met a great many people. I’ve also known all types of people. Young people, old people, nice people and mean, suburban folks, hood folks, gangstas and professionals. Through meeting all of theses people, I’ve never met anyone like my husband.

I love that man!

No one, anywhere, on planet Earth. (Not that I’ve been anywhere beyond Georgia) Of course, I realize that I’m totally biased but it’s not just me. Anyone that meets him will tell you that he’s cut from a different cloth. One of the things that stood out to me when we met, was how respectful he was, to EVERYBODY!  It was almost to the point of pissing me off. You know how it is, some folks are just down right mean. This guy tho, he’d be just as courteous to them, as he would the sweetest old man. I mean, everywhere we go, everyone loves him. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am respectful as well, but in this society, it’s far from the norm to find any young, adult male(or female for that matter) that respects people just because they are people. You’d be hard pressed to find someone, on this globe, that still believes you should respect your elders. It’s quite refreshing. No matter where we have lived, he always ends up with an entire mob of elderly people, claiming him as their “son”. I’m always joking about him and his “other women”. Lol. The funny thing is, his respectful manner and just his overall sincere nature, tends to run the younger people off. And by young I mean the ones around our age.(25-40) I guess they think they’ll have to do something crazy, like show some respect back.


Kids naturally love him. No matter where we move, there’s always a horde of munchkins around him. I bet, if we couldn’t for some reason have had our own kids, he would’ve adopted till they told him to stop. Initially, he wanted 18 kids! Yes, you heard correctly, 18.  But, we only have 4, so they are subject to almost all of his love and attention. It’s really beautiful (and hilarious) to watch.

I just had to publicly crush on my Hubby for a while.  Goodnight!