Yes, I Apologize To My Children Scary Mommy

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I want them to know that the person they love the most in the world is capable of doing wrong and then making it right.

Source: Yes, I Apologize To My Children Scary Mommy

I love this!! I too, was raised in a home with lots of yelling and no apologizing. I totally understand this. I think it’s important to remember that you are raising little people that will grow up to be adults and have their own little people. Even more than they remember what we try to teach them, they will always remember how we treated them. To this day, I cannot stand to be scared out of my sleep, it takes at least 30 minutes to calm me down and that is due to always being yelled at as a kid. I hear it in the back of my mind sometimes, in my mother’s voice.  I hate to find myself in a situation where I’m yelling at my kids, but I’ve also come to the conclusion that sometimes, as a parent, you do have to yell and that it’s okay as long as you’re not always doing it for the smallest of infractions. Your children need to know you love them and what they may have done wrong and you need to make sure to apologize if you are wrong and notice when you go overboard. I’ve had to apologize to my kids a number of times and I’ve noticed that our children will mimic what they see much more than they will blindly obey what you tell them.  For example, my 11 year-old daughter will come and apologize if she’s gotten into trouble.  She’ll tell you why she’s apologizing and wait for you to accept her apology.  This proves that’s she is paying close attention to our behavior and reactions to different situations and how humble she is becoming. The best parenting you can do, is lead by example.