I’ve Started Walking Again👏

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I used to walk all the time. Everywhere, anywhere and for no reason at all. It was my exercise of choice. Just something I naturally did well. I think I inherited it from my mom. I can remember walking with her when I was younger and I always complained that she was so fast. Well now, my kids say the same about me. When we walk to the stores, to the school or just around the complex, I have to walk fast. If one of the kids get in front of me, (I don’t know why they do that!) they risk getting ran over. Lol. Well this past week, I’ve been walking in the mornings after all the kids have gone. It’s refreshing! Sure I keep getting up, getting myself dressed (including doing my hair) and then sweating all the work away, but I haven’t quite gotten back in the groove of just throwing on sweats and slapping on a hat. It’s been a while.

So, I leave home like this.

Yeah! Let's do this!💪
Yeah! Let’s do this!💪

Then, I get home looking like this…


But hey, it’s all worth it. It helps me to think and gets the heart pumping!  So far so good!