One of “Those” Parents? Yep!👍

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Yes, I am one of “those” parents.  I am picky about who my kids play with.  I keep my kids within eye sight of my front door and windows.  If I don’t know you well and your family dynamic, no, my kids will not spend the night at your house.  This includes “blood”.  I don’t care if we haven’t seen each other in ages. It doesn’t matter if your my mom’s second cousin on her dad’s side and you’ve barely gotten to see them.  I AM that parent!

Yes, I did!
Yes, I did!

I’m tired of feeling like I’m a bad parent if i don’t let my kids play with the next door neighbor’s kid.  For one thing,  these are MY KIDS!  It’s up to me(and their dad)to make sure they have a positive environment and that includes whom they play with.  I don’t know what you’re teaching your kids.  But I know one thing, it most certainly shows.

I saw this a couple of months ago and it fits perfectly with this post.


This is so true.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I think about that.

So, when I’m teaching my children to be kind and have respect for adults, themselves, their own property and other’s, I will not have them being shown the contrary. These kids today, (Not all of them, but quite a few) they have no respect.  They don’t even know how to play as children anymore. They’re all trying to see who can be more “grown up” than the next. They’re being bullies, talking back to their parents, cursing and talking and singing about sex.

For example, there’s this one kid, she’s 8, and she loves to play with my kids. She basically just comes and goes as she pleases from what I can tell day-to-day. Anyway, I was watching my kids outside playing with her and a few others from our street and this one was being particularly mean to my youngest, who is 5.  So, I politely said to her, “Well, that’s not really nice. If you want someone to play with you, you can’t talk to them like that.” And rolling her eyes, she said, “Well, I was just joking, geesh!” SHE IS 8!!!


Every mommy bone in my body screamed at me to take her across my knee, but, in stead,  I just took a deep breath and turned away.  I told my baby, “Honey, you don’t have to play with anyone who makes you feel bad. That’s not what friends do.”

Our children rarely see things the way we do. Just like us when we were kids.

Ya know what tho? I’d much rather have my crew inside, learning how to behave as children.  Play with your brothers and sisters.  Get out some board games while listening to some good music. Play hide and seek, have a drawing contest or read aloud to each other for heaven’s sake!  Any of these are better than having them running around out there with kids (that are younger than them by the way), telling them things like,  “We don’t have to listen to our parents, you don’t either.”  “They can’t spank you.”  “Let’s go around here.”

Yes, I have heard it!


Not only that, but the parents are different now, as well. Does anyone else go meet these kids’ parents first anymore?? I sure do. Not these out here. When we first moved in, it was more of an, Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood kind of vibe. They barely speak to us, but they will send their kids to your house, no questions asked.  The next thing you know, they’re looking for them. Nope. Not me!  I will NOT be that mom on the news saying, “They were playing with the neighbors kids, I thought they were okay.”

Okay, rant over. I just had to get that off my chest, because I AM THAT PARENT and I’m sorry I’m not sorry.