Mid-Life Crisis?

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So, my hubby got a bike. 🚴Yep!  He sure did.  Well, actually, he got himself a motorcycle. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s a beauty. 👀 He deserves it and hey, it’s his 💵.

I’m just having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that he just happened to get it right after his 36th birthday. 🎂 Not only that, but he was just saying how he makes a nice salary and all of his money is tied up into bills, bills, bills.  Then, as soon as he catches up said bills, he goes and makes another one. I’m just saying.

I knew it was coming, just not this soon.

I’ve always known he’s wanted one, and I get why he wanted it. He has always worked so hard to provide for us and rarely does he buy anything for himself. Seriously, like, never. So aside from having a home, 🏠 a mini-van🚐 and all of the bills paid, he didn’t really have anything (exclusively for himself) to show for all of his hard work. So, now he has Sukisu. Yes, he’s named her. And truthfully, it makes me happy to see him so excited. He’s normally a cheerful type of guy anyway, but I must confess that his spirits have lifted considerably since he bought Sukisu home.

He even went to motorcycle training class and passed with flying colors! He got his endorsements and everything!

So, all in all, in very proud of my man and if this is a mid-life crisis, I like it! This part anyway….. What’s next?

Lanie 💋