Oh How I’ve Missed You😱….

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Not writing for my new blog has proven to be quite stressful. I mean, my goodness!

Guys, I have literally had a house full of sick kids this week. ¬†C’mon parents, you know how it goes. ¬†One kid starts complaining about a tummy ache, then, immediately you’re on it and think you have the situation contained. ¬†Three hours go by. Then, BAM! ¬†Baby number two starts spontaneously up chucking! (sorry) ¬†So…. you quarantine those two, decontaminate yourself before dealing with the rest of the family and you¬†think¬†all is well. ¬†You’re all smug while you’re cleaning. ¬†You go on to cook dinner with that self-satisfied, super-mom grin. ¬†Singing a nice tune as you get tomorrows clothing¬†out for the next day. ¬†Heck, you even have time to cuddle with the hubby. ¬†Then, you fall into a blissful sleep, feeling that all is well in the world.

Did I mention that I love the night?
Did I mention that I love the night?

Suddenly, you hear something. ¬†In the dead of night, an eerie sound awakens you. ¬†Right away, you know it’s trouble. ¬†This horrible moaning, you’ve heard it before, but still you say a silent prayer, hoping you’re wrong. ¬†groggy, you make climb out of your warm sheets, out of the comfort of his loving arms. ¬†You quietly, (I’m not quite sure why, when obviously they’re awake) tip-toe into the first room, filled with pinks, purples and balloons. ¬†What you find here instantly jars you completely awake. ¬†It’s not the first tummy ache victim that resides in the next room, nor the second porcelain hugging kid sill asleep in her bed, but a new Up-Chuck Queen has emerged! ¬†So, at 2 o’clock in the morning, you quickly transform back into Super-Mommy! ¬†Cleaning up the new queen’s bed, one infected Monster High logo at a time. ¬†Okay, so at this point, you’re hoping it’s over, right? ¬†The “spill” is cleaned up, fresh covers are in place and the kid is washed up and back in bed. ¬†You say your good nights all over again and begin to make your escape. ¬†Back to your nice, although interrupted, dreamless sleep, you go.

Or so you think.

As you pass by the boy’s room, somehow, you hear that¬†sound again! ¬†Your first thought is, ¬†“Are you freaking kidding me right now?!”. The next thought is, “maybe it’s the first one…”. ¬†No such luck. ¬†Our next contestant on, ¬†Who’s Sick Now, is…drum roll please…..¬†Yes, the final child, and this one is much worse than the last 3. ¬†His upset tummy and desecrated sheets are accompanied by a bloody nose. ¬†Yep, a bloody nose. ¬†Not unusual for him, but on top of everything else…let’s just say……..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I think this sums it up.
I think this sums it up.

Needless to say, I’d¬†had enough. ¬†After cleaning up¬†this¬†mess, putting¬†this¬†kid back to bed, I finally retreat back to my room, ¬† I collapse on my, (now cold) side of the bed and fall into an irritated half-sleep until….about 2 hours later, when I am awakened by that eerie sound again.

Heaven help me…..

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