I Went On A Date!! 🙌

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First of all, calm down….before anyone’s undies get in a bunch. I am talking about my husband! 💑 One of the best perks to school starting up, is that we get to go out, Kid Free! Sure, it may be only lunch to you. But to us……It’s desperately needed, quality time. Now, we love our little darlings, 👪 but you’ve got to understand, every corner we turned this Summer, there were kids. In the living-room, kids.  We literally could NOT sit beside each other.  In the kitchen, kids.  Bathroom? Who’s knocking? 💁 Yep! You guessed it, kids! They truly have no sense of privacy. (Not yet, and thank God!) Now, I really do believe one of the best things that a kid should see, is an example of happily married parents.  💏 But people…..enough is enough!  I can cry when they leave and miss em’ while they’re gone, but sometimes, I would just like to be Lanie, The Wife.

Omg…. I can still 👃 it!

So, to get the ball rolling, we went on a lunch date today!  It was so much fun! I dressed up and everything! I even put on a bit of make-up!

This ☝ was sooooo good! 🍴

 Just being able to look at him without little heads and arms in the way was a major accomplishment!  It felt so nice to just enjoy each other’s company.  Heck, going somewhere without golden arches, playgrounds, and cartoons on the television was a treat.  I can’t wait till our next date.  Maybe we can attempt a date night one weekend.  I tell ya, it is so hard to remember what that feels like.  We’re working on it tho! Now that I’ve had a taste of dating again, I MUST HAVE MORE! #LoveDatingMyHubby😍



2 thoughts on “I Went On A Date!! 🙌

    Ashley said:
    September 2, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Wow the food looks great 🙂


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      Lanie ❤ responded:
      September 3, 2015 at 12:04 am

      Omg! It really was! Chili’s!


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