I guess I spoke too soon….😱

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Well folks, that’s what I get for glorifying Humpday!  😝 Lol. Today got a little weird. First just let me say, due to my pre-blog, non-writing period, I had started to slowly lose my mind. I found myself yelling a lot, desiring to be left alone and just being irritated by EVERYTHING! Seriously guys, literally EVERYTHING was getting on my nerves.  I started these deep breathing exercises and basically coached myself to just shut up when I wanted to lash out. Which was really hard BTW! Anyhow, today, I seriously thought that my hubby needed a blog.  👇Rotflmbo!!! 😂 I am (rolling on the floor laughing my butt off)☝because you would never, eva, eva, eva, eva (in my Smokey vc) catch my hubby writing or typing anything if it’s not the end of the world and I’m not around to do it. That’s my thing. See, we compliment each other! 😍. Anyway, he was going bananas today!  Granted, the guy at Hardee’s could’ve gotten our order right, and then the guys at dinner could have just done as he requested;That may have helped. But, I think not. He tore into a few people today and all I could do was exercise my newly acquired skill of not saying a thing. Admit it ladies, we know how we can get and after 17 years,  I’ve learned to pick my battles. This was Not one I wanted to fight. So, needless to say, we won’t be eating Hardee’s for quite a while. Whether it was due to my Hubby’s Apple Pie Rage Rant, or just the horrible service, I will never know cause I’m not asking! Hmph! 😕 I know I can get crazy, but I’m not dumb.

#IstillDidPrettyGood 👌

Lanie 💋