Quiet, but not alone! 👍

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I love the nights best. ❤
I love the nights best. ❤

At night, it’s different. All of my darlings are home. My wonderful, hardworking hubby and our 4 munchkins. Sure, the kids came home all excited about their various adventures at school and tried to talk to me all at once. OK, so they also dropped their backpacks, shoes, treat wrappers and papers for me to sign all over the livingroom I had just cleaned 2 hours before. They begged to go outside, then came back in, they went out and they came back in. So what if they drank all the cold water out of the fridge and left the jug empty, again. And yeah, they made a huge mess after dinner, then took showers and wet the entire bathroom floor and left their dirty clothes behind the door. I know….. But they are home. They are safe and they are mine. ❤ I am blessed indeed. 😍


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    Vanessa A. Redwood said:
    August 26, 2015 at 5:38 am

    The positive attitude we need to employ in our life. We are very fortunate, there’s countless reasons why we should be grinning. Blessed indeed!

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