Happy Hump Day! 😄

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Personally, I love Wednesdays. It may have something to do with that camel commercial….. but also, I like that it’s the middle of the week. I can look back over the first two days events as well as look forward to the next two and dear ol’ Wednesday could be a game changer!  Sooooo,  I didn’t freak out too much when the kids left today.  Oh….. Wait, that’s not entirely true.

She got on the big yellow bus all by herself! ❤
She got on the big yellow bus all by herself today! ❤

So, yes….I did tear up a bit. 😢 I guess somehow during the melee of all of my babies first 2 days of school I somehow missed this huge event! So then, I felt bad that I had overlooked this clearly photo worthy moment. I took this☝ as soon as I realized it and then, she was again, leaving me. Oh, and those two big kids… 😒They actually tried to leave for their bus without saying they loved me.  😕 Ha ha! Not this momma! I waited for the perfect, bus stop to home ratio and then I yelled in my special mom voice that only mom’s have, 👄 “Hey! I said, “‘I LOVE YOU!!!!”‘  It was embarrassing to them and liberating for me! I even added an additional, “Be good, I’m gonna miss you and have a great day!!” Maybe next time they’ll give me a proper goodbye! But hey, all things considered, I did do pretty good today. I was thinking of going all the way to their bus stop, hugging them each individually, and giving them big loud kisses 😗 in front of alllllll the other kids! So, I’m proud of myself. 🙌#WednesdaysRock



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    Vanessa A. Redwood said:
    August 26, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    Love your insight about Wednesday! It’s certainly what we make it. And…It’s definitely your right to embarrass your kids on their first few days at school. They need to remember and be grateful who packed their lunch box =)

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