Home alone…. Again. 😒

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So, it’s the second day of school and my youngens are gone. If you ask me,  they left way too fast today! It was like they couldn’t get out of here fast enough! But I’m OK…😢 So now, it’s just me and Dutchess. That would be my husband’s dog. Of course she’s all of ours, but, I say it’s his dog because when we rescued her from the animal shelter, he specifically said, ” This one is MY dog! You’ve all had yours, this one’s mine.” So, I will write my post and then I will walk and feed his dog.  🐕 Lol. She quite beautiful, this Dutchess of Lee. She was 3 months old when we adopted her from the Humane Society.

Dutchess@4months Isn't she adorable? 😍
Isn’t she adorable? 😍

While her cuteness tops the charts, her behavior leaves much to be desired. She is just as rambunctious as the kids, if not more so due to the whole, “being an animal” and what not. She’s still a puppy tho, only 7 months now, but she is Huge! At her last vet appointment(yesterday), she weighed in at 41lbs! That’s only 8lbs lighter than my 5 year old!  She of course, does not understand how big she is. She just runs, jumps, slides and zips through this apartment like she’s still that tiny little puppy in the above photo.👆 Also, because she’s still a puppy, she chews on any and everything she gets her paws on. I have lost a beautiful pair of sandals to this teething puppy. 🙅 Needless to say, she’s making up for my 4 other kids being gone in her own special way. Thanks Dutchess! 👍