I’m officially a blogger!! Yay!

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I finally feel like I can breathe. The fog is lifting.  I’ve needed an outlet for quite a while now….and now I have it! I must write!! There’s no way around that fact.  It’s critical to my well-being and the well-being of others around me. I know this because I’ve tried not writing and…..well, just trust me, it’s better for everyone if I have this blog. But, it’s much more than that.  I want what I write to be used as lessons to our young girls coming up in this generation and also to offer a voice to all the woman who have ever felt unheard.  My stories will show you that you’re not alone and that no one is perfect. NO one!! So ladies, (and gentlemen as well) if you can bear with me as I live my life and make time to share the ups and downs of Life According to Lanie, I think this will be a win for us all!! So, buckle up, this may get a bit rocky at times! Who knows what I’ll say next!? 🙂

The Fog Is About to LIft
The Fog Is About to Lift